steve petersen's friends


I do have lots of friends - but most of them don't have staked-out web presences. The friends that do, I acknowledge here (if only to boost their weblink count). If you are a long-standing friend of mine and would like to be included on this page, contact me.

Here are some personal homepages of friends, in alphabetical order:

Some of my friends have anonymous or semi-anonymous blogs. As you can tell from much of the content, they are philosopher friends. Again, in alphabetical order: Also, on the topic of friends, I still kind of like Friendster, despite some shortcomings. I was recently talked into a half-hearted MySpace page, and still more recently, into a half-hearted Facebook page, where the homepages are at least far less ugly than those on MySpace. (Most people don't seem to know the original, pejorative meaning of 'facebook', which kind of tickles me.) What site could be the next big social networking splash-then-burn? The suspense is killing me!