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Media, you know: books, movies, music - "stories" in the widest sense of the term. This page tends towards listing favorites that I consider relatively underrated (that is, I don't always bother listing more "obvious" ones that are already well-adored).

A little disclaimer. There are many links on this page to favorite products, and many of them point to particular Amazon pages. Since I was going to provide such links anyway, I decided to sign up for Amazon's "associates" program, which gives me a small cut for the reference (if someone actually buys as a result of clicking the link!). Well, I do like Amazon, and am happy to send them business, especially if they make it (at least potentially) worth my while. But of course I don't mean to endorse them exclusively. I do not pretend to have searched exhaustively for the best edition or price (though I did try to pick favored editions). You might find better deals elsewhere. Try Froogle, say!

You can see some of the media I'm considering trying on my Amazon wish list. I'm just saying.


I only list fiction here. I do read non-fiction, of course, but somehow it seems so tiresome and embarrassing; not quite as telling about one's personality. (Or maybe too telling?)

young adult fiction

I've always especially liked quality young adult fiction, such as Newbery Award winners. There's something about getting all the quality and emotional wisdom of a good writer, with the relaxing comfort and ease of books for the younger. Here's some of my favorites; I think I've reread each as an adult and continued to find great value in them.

"grown-up" fiction

I guess my tastes tend toward the comic and the "magically real".


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These aren't really in any order. More and more keep occurring to me.

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I'm proud of my eclectic taste.

Incidentally, I love my mp3 player (no, it's not an iPod; it's much uglier and much cheaper). The many-gig ones really are worth the hype. I can carry much of my music collection - not to mention whole mp3-ripped audio books and Pimsleur language lessons - anywhere I go! Even at home, I hardly ever listen to CD's any more; I just plug my mp3 into the stereo or decent computer speakers, and let it play randomly through songs for me.

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Here are a selected few favorite links:

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Did I fool you by listing this last into thinking that I hardly look at the thing? I don't know why TV gets such a bad rap. Of course there's lots of rotten TV, but there's also lots of rotten books and movies and radio. The medium itself is not to blame; there's some good stuff out there.

I love my TiVo, by the way. Like mp3 players, it's hard to explain to someone who doesn't have one why it might be cool to have a DVR. But once you have one, oh man! TV watching is so much more ... efficient!