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Many people have asked me, since my fabulous portrayal as "Slender" in The Merry Wives of Windsor, just how I manage to act so well. Of course the answer is terribly complicated, but in summary, my process is very similar to that of one Sir Ian McKellen, briefly outlined in this clip.


A few updates:


I'm back from the Value of Knowledge conference, and from visiting old dear friends in both London and Amsterdam. Thanks again to all my fantastic hosts. Now, of course, it's back to the swing of the school year. Somehow it just doesn't seem as glamorous as a conference in Europe.


I'm performing four improv shows for the Buffalo Infringement Festival. Peter Cumbo (from local improv groups Eclectic Company and Show B) and I will be doing a show called Me and You from Kalamazoo, a 2-person longform. (And yes Peter picked the title - which is likely to have nothing to do with the show.) Click the link for details and come see it if you're in town! (Also, if you're out of town.)


Some good professional news lately: two more papers to be published, and I'll be presenting at two super-cool epistemology conferences: the 2007 Formal Epistemology Workshop at Carnegie Mellon at the end of May, and the Value of Knowledge conference in Amsterdam late August. Cool.


Both the vocation and avocation have some developments.


I'm off to Toronto for the Toronto Improv Festival. Then school starts for me on Monday ...


I moved from Kalamazoo to Buffalo last weekend, and what with internet installed and all, some order is starting to emerge from the chaos of the last week. Meanwhile lyrics from an old Ben Folds song keep going through my head:
I can't believe I was there
I can't believe I was anywhere else ...
In other moods it's these lyrics instead:
Buffalo gals won't you come out tonight
... and dance by the light of the moon?
On Thursday August 10th I'm going to the Computing and Philosophy Conference. Saturday morning (the 12th) I'm giving a presentation defending the permissibility of making intelligent robot servants. It's a quirky, fun topic with unexpected depths.


I haven't updated in some time, obviously. Some of the biggest news since September:


I'll give a talk tomorrow at the philosophy department of Western Michigan on "Learning and computational epistemology".


My improv group and I are going to the Toronto International Improv Festival from 8/17 til 8/21, where we'll be demonstrating our new longform style, Claustrophilia.


In broad summary for those who don't know: I'm now living in Kalamazoo Michigan. I finished my PhD at the University of Michigan and I'm on a two-year postdoc. I'll be here until summer 2006, and then where I'll be depends heavily on where I get a job! If you know anyone who wants to hire a philosopher, let me know!