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Improv is my major hobby. Some useful analogies for those of you not acquainted with improv: Aside from obvious reasons, the former analogy is apt partly because, as with jazz, the most popular improv (often in so-called shortform format) tends to be the worst, and unfortunately gives an incomplete picture of the whole genre. You have to know the right clubs in order to see the good (highbrow?) stuff: the longform. The latter analogy is apt (from what I hear of crack and cocaine) because, for my money, improv has the best theatrical high for the least time investment. No props, no blocking, no arduous repetition of a scene, and you can do ten different characters a night! It's also good acting training. (I usually don't trust actors who aren't comfortable improvising.)

Improv gets me playing, laughing, and just plain unserious. I view its absurdity as an important complement to my professional life.

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I've done a lot of amateur theater, and some professional stuff too, including voice work. I've even had a real role in a real movie! back to top


I've always loved various games. (I guess if you were to pick one name for my hobbies so far, it would have to be "playing".) I try to host "game nights" on occasion.

Some games I like:

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Does this count, really? What about dieting?

Exercising for its own sake is still not a hobby I pursue with much enthusiasm, I have to admit. But over the years my gusto has been growing, as I slowly come to see the various and deep benefits. (I guess Aristotle was right about habituation.) Also, exercise awareness gets me more likely to do stuff I like anyway, like hiking.

I just thought I ought to point out, in defense of my well-rounded-ness, that I do sometimes leave my room and move some.

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Part of the joy of a philosophy career is that you can fairly justifiably dabble in a bunch of other fields, which is something I think I would do anyway.

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